Mex it up

I was never a big fan of Mexican food, but my wife (pregnant at the time) convinced me to try something different.

We weren’t in the mood for dressing up and I was too hungry to think of something else.

So I guess we’ll try Mexican.

However, I had some conditions.

  • I need quality
  • I’m not standing in line

We jumped in the car and simply started driving while my wife “Googled” suggestions. Somehow we ended up in the heart of the hipster capital of NYC – Williamsburg (Brooklyn). I anticipated some watered-down version of Mexican food, but I was pleasantly surprised.

This turned into a satisfying dining experience, and to this day – a year later – I compare all Mexican food to this place.



This is their site —->

Address: 82 South 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249

PARKING: Good luck.


It took me awhile but I managed to squeeze into a spot a few blocks away.

Be prepared to walk.


We came on a random Fall night in the middle of the week when traffic was low.

I was grateful for the peaceful mood at the time. I’m not sure what a Friday night or weekend would look.

PEOPLE:  These were local adults. Some had young families. The people come here for the food.


DRESS: The range is casual to business casual.

MUSIC: It was actually reggae (Bob Marley) at the moment.

The music was fine and at a perfect level.

SCENERY: Indoors with romantic lighting.

The decor was culturally significant and seasonal.

It was cool.

I felt like a welcomed guest immersed in another culture.


MONEY: The prices here have yet to be gentrified (thank goodness).

My wife and I both ordered different burritos for $12.00 each.

I was hungry and she was eating for two.

We thought we were ready.

Let me warn you. This stuff is heavy. Pace yourself. You will definitely not leave with an empty stomach. They are not playing games here. They cook.


TASTE: This is the best Mexican food I’ve had so far and I’ll let you know if another spot comes close.


DRINKS: We didn’t come there looking to drink (she was pregnant) but their bar looks stocked with the usual.


SERVICE: Friendly. No issues here (and yes, English speaking).



NOTES: We ran up and down that menu (appetizers/dinner/dessert) and that’s all I dropped which included gratuity. I don’t like doing a ton of math at dinner tables and my mind shuts off on a full stomach, but I typically make sure they get around 20% and somehow the three 20’s covered everything.

This is my #1 spot for Mexican cuisine.


On a full stomach, my brain cells take a hit. I don’t remember exactly where I parked, but we walked in the general direction of the car and on the way we noticed how the area was developing. By the time this gets published, there will probably be even more to see and do.

This is “Grand Ferry Park.” It was a few blocks northeast of Carino. On the way, there seems to some sort of project in development. The vibe is “artsy.”

We had a lot to look at and talk about. The bridge makes a cool backdrop for pics.

Every time we go to Carino, we take a stroll through the park to digest.

This would be a great combo for a first date night, that won’t have you killing your wallet.



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